Sergej Kapus graduated from the department of art history and sociology at the Ljubljana Faculty of Arts. He began to exhibit his works in 1975. He has authored several theoretical and critical essays on modern painting, which have been published in magazines and art catalogues. In 1991 he curated the exhibition Image and Matter at the Ljubljana Museum of Modern Art, creating an overview of the Slovenian painting of the 1970s High Modernism. In 1998 the Ljubljana Museum of Modern Art ( edition Mar‘s) published his monograph on the painter Jožef Petkovšek. In 1999 he curated the exhibition Jožef Petkovšek. Duplicate Paintings at the National Gallery in Ljubljana. In 2000 he received the Works of Art Award from the University of Ljubljana and in 2001 he was habilitated as the Assistant Professor for Painting. He lectured on modern art at the Faculty of Pedagogy in Ljubljana between 1992 and 2005. He's a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design since 2005.